Monday, May 9, 2011

Is there anything that doesn't go with pasta?

Kids, mine in particular, take note... almost anything goes with pasta.


John grilled shisk-a-bobs yesterday for Mother's Day.  (Thank you, Schweetie, they were incredible.)  But unlike than the beef and pork, the chicken kabobs can dry out when reheated.  I got a wild hair today, and decided to dump the chicken left overs in pasta.

It turned out AWESOME.

Here's the recipe..
Go to the grocery store and get any vegetable that flips your switch. I used mushrooms, a sweet onion, a zucchini, broccoli, pea pods and asparagus.  And I threw some sum dried tomatoes in at the end along with a can of regular diced tomatoes.
Saute the onions and then everything else in olive oil.
Cook the spaghetti
Throw your left-over chicken in with the veggies, along with a couple tubs of that new Philadelphia Cream Cheese cream - I used the Italian Herb.
Mix it all together and serve.


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