Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Eye for an eye

I need to vent about this, and I think if I say anything directly to anyone, they will think me an unpatriotic Al Qaeda sympathizer.

People are rejoicing all over the country over the fact that we killed Osama bin Laden.  There was a celebration at the university down the street, the likes of which have probably not been seen for 40 years, if ever.

I have very mixed feelings about this.

I know I would feel very differently if I had lost someone close to me on 9/11.  I know this one man put fear into the hearts of Americans and people around the world that will last an eternity.  We will never feel as secure as we once did.  But I can't muster the same glee in it that other's seem to possess.  It won't bring anyone back.  It will not fix things.

Don't get me wrong - it had to be done.  But what we could ever do to that man is not sufficient, and justice  simply does not happen here on earth.  He alone has to stand before his Maker now, and right now, that's all the assurance and celebration I need.

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  1. I couldn't agree more. I scolded fellow FB friends Sunday night for praising God. While I am glad the scumbag is no longer here, rejoicing over the death of any one makes me a bad person. The fact that what's being reported about the care our guys took in wrapping his body makes me more proud to call myself an American than anything else regarding this victory. I think the people you see footage of that are weeping in th streets while the idiots around them are acting like maniacs are the people who are sincere...if that makes any sense.