Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Here we go...

We're moving.

And not just moving across town this time.  We're moving to the St. Louis area.  Moving 2-1/2 hours away. Hubby just accepted a new marketing manager position there as of June 1 - his 51st birthday.  He will live down there with a co-worker, and I will remain here with the kids through the summer.  I will be able to leave work on a good note (if I left any sooner than August -September, it would leave them short-handed) and put the house on the market.

People who know me well, know that having a house on the market is #1 on my stress chart.  I don't know what it is about it.  I'm relatively OK with actually moving and I like looking for a new place.  So it must be the lack of privacy thing - strangers coming into your house, criticizing everything about your tastes, cleanliness and organizational skills - or lack thereof.  We're going to try listing the house for-sale-by-owner, which means there is no buffer between me and potential buyers.  I say "me," because I will be here handling most of what goes on.  Lord help me.  

This blog started out being about my first trip to Haiti.  You might want to stop reading for the summer, because it will probably turn into one big whine-fest over the next few months.  

Anybody what to buy a cute, little house next to ISU campus???

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