Sunday, February 13, 2011

What I did this weekend.

Friday night - Worked, came home, ate a lot of Tobin's pizza and shrimp. Fell asleep watching Mr. Sunshine on DVR.

Saturday - Got up with the puppies.  Beaded jewelry for a couple hours.  Made a layered salad and took it to church.  I drove a couple other ladies over to Eastlawn Cemetery.

Becky Seip was laid to rest.  I didn't know her.  But I love her mom and her sister goes to my church and I work with her as well.  If Becky's mother and sister are any indication of the woman she was, I truly wish I had known her.

I came back to church and ate other women's salads at the luncheon in honor of Becky.

I came home and made more jewelry.  John and I had tamales for dinner and I feel asleep while he watched the Bulls game.  (I detect a sleep pattern here...)

Sunday - John got up with the puppies so I could sleep in.  Went to church and to brunch at Swinger's Grille - awesome grub for $13 a pop.  Took the puppies for a walk, because it's 40 degrees and feels like a freaking heat wave.  Made more jewelry.  John and I are currently having cocktails, so I will be falling asleep in front of whatever is on the TV for the third night in a row.

Here is what I made.  If you like something, come to Resurrection Lutheran Church next weekend and bid on it.  All proceeds to to Friends of the Children of Haiti.

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  1. Me likey. Wish I could go to your church to bid on some this weekend. Hope it goes for big money! :)