Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Tuesdays have no soul

I saw that posting today on Facebook - "Tuesdays have no soul."

I think I've always hated Tuesdays.  I'm sure they have been the worst day of the week ever since I started in purchasing.  Salespeople, being the thoughtful people they are, tended to not call on Monday.  I suppose this was to let us poor schleps in purchasing get through a weekend buffer day and let us prepare for the rest of the week.  But then Tuesday came.  The phone would ring off the hook and everything else would hit the fan.  Everything tended to be downhill from there.  Tuesdays were always the pinicle of work headaches.

Since I'm taking a break from purchasing, Tuesdays still suck.  Working for a commodity brokerage firm, I compile and send out the daily newsletter.  I have to put the most work into it on Tuesdays than any other day of the week.  Go figure.  And although the stuff hitting the fan seems a little more evenly distributed, it still tends to splatter more on Tuesdays than not.

All that being said, things have changed here at home.  I am no longer an empty nester since Hannah withdrew from Millikin.  She is home, but upbeat.  She is applying at ISU for next fall, looking for a job, and tending to things around the house.

I don't talk about Jim as much in this blog because, (1) he is away at school and doesn't come home but for big breaks and (2) creates less...  havoc.  BUT...  Jim and his co-news director won the Iowa College Media Award for best radio newscast - for the second year in a row!!!


We couldn't be happier for him. Way to go, Jim!!

 It feels so good when you're good at what you love.

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