Sunday, January 2, 2011



It's the second day of the new year, so I should have something profound to write about, right?  Sadly, no.

My thoughts have been very scattered the last couple weeks.  We had a great Christmas (please see previous post).

New Year's Eve was fun and relatively uneventful - a VERY good thing.  We went to a party at the Vinceguerra's, which is always a party, no matter what day of the year it is.   Luckily, we left before I had too much to drink and thought I sounded good while singing kareoke. They always kid me about "letting Janis out" to sing, because apparently I think I scream in a good way after a number of drinks.  Hannah and some of her friends came by and saved me, because I like listening to them more than hearing me make a fool of myself.  Hannah drove us home, she had some friends over, I barely made it to toast in the new year, and went to bed. 

Jim and Abbie went to a party and I'm very glad that Jim was designated driver and they made it home in one piece. 

My New Year's Day consisted of making pasta sauce all day, THINKING about making homemade pasta, and having the Schulzs over for dinner.  We talked and watched hockey.  John and Dave mocked each other about everything.  It was a really nice day.  

The kids have had people coming and going ever since.  Jim took Abbie back to Iowa today.  Brian leaves for California tomorrow.  Hannah's friend, Becca, leaves to go back to college tomorrow.  Time together with their best friends is pretty precious for my kids these days.  I'm glad they appreciate the good people in their lives.  

So today, we went to church, did the Tribune crossword puzzle, took down some decorations and watched the Bears loose to the Packers.  (I don't care if they have to win to make the playoffs or not - it ALWAYS SUCKS to lose to Green Bay.  

But we're having Tobins delivered tonight.  So it's all good.

Happy New Year everyone!

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