Friday, January 7, 2011

Happy Festivus!

As I was driving to work last week, while the rest of my family were nestled in their beds, snoozing the morning away, it occurred to me how much I am letting things get to me these days.  Little things that are going to literally send me over the edge.

I thought of Frank Castanza, and Festivus, and the Airing of the Grievances.

I thought of doing a little Airing myself.

Here is goes.  If any of my comments offend you, I'm sorry.  No, wait.  I'm not sorry.  That's one of my gripes.  Apologizing for things I don't need to apologize for.  Just my opinion!  HA!

People that have those stick figure window clings on their van.  We know you have a lot of kids.  You have a VAN.

The squeak in my car door.  People driving down Main Street are starting to stare because Florence and the Machine is turned up to eleven to drowned it out.  (The volume of my music is probably the topic of one of their gripes, but oh well...)

People that DO NOT KNOW HOW TO MANEUVER A 4 WAY STOP SIGN. Take a class, will you?!

Formula romantic comedies.  Hello, Hollywood?  Been there, done that.  We don't need to see it 1000 times with updated actors.  Gimme something new!

People that do not pick up after their dog.  If I ever find out who is letting their rather large animal relieve  itself in our front yard, I am going to save up 6 months worth of Caz and Lilly's "presents" and return the favor.

People that put their entire worth into one thing - work, parenting...  Life is divided into roles and you play many.  Respect that, and stop trying to be "all that" at work.  Nobody cares that you put in a 12 hour day - you're just annoying others.  A LOT.

Commercials.  Thank goodness for Tivo and DVR.  I can't watch a show in real time anymore.

Sunday nights.  Ugh.  Why are they SO depressing??!

The stupid avatar updates on yahoo.  Thank you, but I'll see your "likeness" the next time I IM you.  I don't need an update for it.

My celebrity list!
A, number one has to be rush limbaugh.  I don't even capitalize his name, because that would give him too much respect.  Along with that is glen beck and all the other talking heads that spew whatever is going to stir the pot on any given day.  I loathe these people and/or the network that encourages and exploits them.
All the Twilight and teenage vampire books/movies.  Whatever.  Don't care.
Lindsay Lohan and all the other "troubled celebrity teens and beyond."  If you were a regular person, you'd be in jail.  Period.
If the Democratic Speaker of the House cried as much as John Boehner, the Republicans would be screaming about it!!
Oh yeah, Sarah Palin makes my skin crawl.
John Edwards = pure scum.

Anyway, that's all I've got for now, girls and boys!!  I know there is more.  Should I have taken notes on my gripes and grievances?  You wouldn't want me to.

Happy 2011!!


  1. I would like to add people who wear pajamas to the grocery store to your list. Wearing pajamas in public top my list of grievances at the moment.

  2. And Chris Matthews and Keith Oberman...just to bepolitically equal. ;-)
    And may I add, women (and men, but I see many more woman) that smoke in their vehichles with their kids in the car. Come the f on people. Give your kid a freaking choice. Its their health for God's sake.

  3. I have an issue with all talking heads. But I like Keith, so I'm not going to gripe about him.

  4. Pajamas in public is a a huge gripe of mine. But since I haven't been inside a Blockbuster or Walmart in a long time, I haven't been exposed to that lately...