Monday, January 17, 2011

Monday, even when you don't work

You would think that coming off of a weekend like I had, I would be very pumped up and eager to face the world, renewed.  Not so.

I finally tried to make homemade pasta.  I currently have fettuccine hanging from plastic coat hangers all over my kitchen.  That's what the recipe advised if one does not own a pasta rack.  When I said I wanted to make my own pasta, I was not prepared for hangers full of the stuff, all hanging from every door and cabinet knob that are out of the dog's reach.  I would show you photos, but I just do not want to.  It's not pretty.  (OK, I added a photo later - still not pretty...)

I think the pasta itself looks and feels the way it is supposed to.  But drying, it looks like the white cloth we had draped on the cross at Easter, only with plastic coat hangers in my kitchen.  It's a little unsettling.

Since The Girl is ditching me again for better things happening down the street, I guess I'm left to trying this on my own.  Wish me luck.

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  1. Ummmm.....yuuuuuuuummm! Hope its delicious! I'm jealous!