Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Art and Wilma

Today is my parent's 65th wedding anniversary.

This is a copy of a page from my mom's scrapbook.  There are a few awesome photos of Mom and Dad before they were married, when Mom visited Dad when he was stationed in...  Florida?  Hawaii?  I can't remember- but I know he was stationed at both places.  They are photos from the beach - very carefree, even with the backdrop of WWII.  I know I have them, and it makes me mad that I can't find them right now.  Anyway...

This is what my mother wrote, years later about their wedding day...
"Art and I were married in the West Point Methodist church January 12, 1946, a very cold day with snow and ice blanketing Indiana.  The ceremony was simple and the only decorations consisting of candles and red roses on the altar.  I wanted to wear red roses but the florist frowned on that and said, "No bride would think of wearing red."  Meekly, I settled for white gardenias.  Fine fabrics, silks and satins were still unattainable so soon after the war, so I wore a blue wool suit and Art wore his U.S.Navy dress uniform.  Virginia, my sister-in-law was maid of honor and art's brother, Oscar, served as best man.  Pastor, V.C.Rogers conducted the ceremony, after which there was a small reception in the room at the back of the church.  Lydia Conrad, Mary Fouts and Florence Ford served wedding cake, punch and coffee."

She doesn't know it yet, but I want Hannah to have red roses in her wedding flowers, because Grandma couldn't.

I can't help but think about how simple things were then... how my parents were happily married and devoted to each other for 2 months shy of 50 years.  That's when Dad left us.  Mom endured for a few more years.  But I know if they had stayed here on earth with us, they would still be together, loving and supporting each other to this day.  

It also makes me think about the big, glamorous weddings we've attended.  Nothing against those ceremonies, but they certainly are no indication of the love that generates them.  

I really miss my mom and dad today.  
Happy anniversary.

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  1. :-) your moms words brought tears to my eyes...

    I agree about weddings. I never understood the big deal. I bought my dress at David's, we got married in Vegas and had a picnic at VA in Crystal Lake which included a kiddie pool full of ice and beer. It was redneck. It made me happy. My dad cooked. Pat's best man was DJ, and half a keg in had some interesting picks! I danced with my dad under a picnic pavilion to "The World Aint Slowin Down" and a Lifehouse song with Pat. Our cake, ordered from a little bakery in McHenry was expensive and wasn't what I ordered, but it stol made a mess in Pat's face when I threw it at him. It was perfect and I wouldn't change it for anything.

    Love you. Im sorry you miss your mom and dad so much today. I'm so glad I still have my mom.