Sunday, December 26, 2010

Dec. 26th

Oh the pressure!!

I got an AWESOME camera for Christmas.  I mean the kind of camera you can mess with and make artsy fartsy photos.  I haven't had one of these since my darkroom days.  I knew this before, but I need to say this again - digital ROCKS.  At least when I studied the manual today, I could take some photos and knew to a certain degree what I did wrong or right.  Back in the day, you would set your f-stop and shutter speed and hope for the best.  When you developed your film a week later, you completely forgot what your settings were for that incredibly good or bad photo, and started all over again.  So now, the pressure in on to produce really good photos.  These are my favorite inside and outside shots after having the camera for 24 hours.  They just happen to be photos of 2 of my favorite people as well.

And then there are the pasta maker attachments I got for my monster Kitchen Aid mixer!  I mentioned a couple of times that I wanted to try to make my own pasta.  I know fresh is better, and you can make "flavored" pasta too.  Well, now it's time to pony up and actually do it.  The pressure!  AUGH!!!

So, I will update this when I get to the next level of ...  everything.  Wish me luck.


  1. LOVE the photos - you are amazing!

    You know that I'm available for pasta tasting, right?

  2. Hannah may actually be a little asian, just sayin! Also, I have made my own seasoned noodles before without a KitchenAid mixer (which I amazingly enough have and am giving to a friend because I have never used it). They were of course weren't pretty to look at but were delicious, nonetheless! When you have perfect looking noodles, let me know, I would drive 2.5hrs to eat them!