Monday, December 6, 2010


I finally have the holiday spirit, even though I baked ALL DAY on Sunday and half of my cookies/truffles flopped.  I used "mild flavor" molasses in my gingerbread cookies.  Note to self - NEVER AGAIN!  They turn out rather bland.

Anyway, this year on the cookie menu, will be:

Gingerbread cookies - the GOOD ones with lots of flavor, iced and decorated by my art student daughter (no pressure, Hannah!!)
Super-Duper Chocolate cookies - an old family favorite
Mint Meringue - or "mint puffies" to my kids...  melt in your mouth and the only low fat Christmas cookie around
Kentucky Bourbon balls - new experiment this year... you soak the nuts overnight.  That gave John lots of fodder for his customers...
Press Butter cookies - a batch of cookies made with a full pound of butter can't be bad
Frangelico truffles - another experiment...   we'll see...
Oreo balls - or "Oreo Truffes" as they are refered to on line. Yeah right.  They are still BALLS and they are still everyone's favorite.

I sort of stopped baking for a few years.  When the kids were little and I wasn't working full time,  I baked Christmas cookies like no other.  I guess now that they are "gone" and off to college, I'm feeling nostalgic and want to bake again.  So the people I work with will benefit or be the victim  my experiments.  Something tells me that either way, they are happy.


  1. So just when I start to feel all nice and fuzzy with the holiday spirit, the wreath on the front of our house got stolen last night. Nice.

  2. I am holding it hostage for Oreo Balls. Which also makes me think, if balls tasted like Oreos...

    Anyway...did some holiday 'baking' today too. By that I mean Rice Krispie Treats and No Bake Peanut Butter Bars...:-) Real baking comes Thursday and Saturday as I had far too much cleaning up to do to even attempt baking in my kitchen...I am a negligent house keeper.

  3. I used to have a sign up in my house that read "Boring people have clean houses." I don't know what ever happened to that. It may be lost under multitudes of dust bunnies.

  4. Bwahahaha...oh man, if you find it and are looking to unload it...

    Mom had one when I was a kid that hung in the kitchen that said "Today's Menu: Take it or Leave it"...I tell my picky kids that all too often. By the way...I am going to look for a video clip from a movie scene I always loved, even if I never was a Beatles fan...I will post to FB if I find it.