Monday, December 13, 2010

little surprises.

So.  If you've been reading this blog or know me, you know I'm having issues with being alone.  The kids are at college and John is traveling more than he ever has.  You are also aware that I have two blood thirsty pugs to guard me and the house.  But, last week when John was gone, some goon took the wreath off the front or our house.

I admit, it was a little weird for me.  I filed a "citizen's complaint" with the city and requested that patrols be beefed up a little in my neighborhood.  (The mother of a woman I work with lives around the corner and had her wreath stolen too!  The nerve!!)

But then, just as I was feeling all green and Grinchy, some people did something that made my heart grow "three sizes" today.  5 lovely ladies I work with, bought me a new, beautiful wreath and had it delivered to work today.  The card only read, "Ho, ho, ho!  Put a padlock on this one!"  They watched as I tried to figure out who would have done such a wonderful thing - and put on academy award winning performances for not knowing anything about it.  Then, they fessed up.  And I got all teary eyed.

Some people just come through for you in the not-so-smallest of ways.  And make your whole holiday.

Thank you guys.  You're the best.

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  1. By answering the phone you came thru for me tonight. Thank you. You made this day a little more bearable (or bareable. I'm really not sure of the proper usage here). Thank you.