Tuesday, October 12, 2010


I seem to be struggling with so much lately...  everyone who knows us would think I would be pinning over the fact that we are now empty nesters.  But 1) The Girl has been home so much it hardly seems like she's gone and 2) there is so much other BS going on, I hardly have time to notice.

I work for a commodities brokerage firm.  If you didn't notice - and why should you??!! - corn, beans and sometimes wheat were up the limit last Friday.  That basically made life hell for us people in the trenches that have to sort everything out.  The markets have been up every day since then, which means our lives are still hell.

Don't get me wrong - I love talking to our customers.  They are so unique, they can't be described.  But there is the one who cracks me up every single time he calls (he is so slow, you'd think he was going backwards); the one who is in such a hurry I would hate to see him drive a car; the one who gives me the same order in the same way every singe time; the one who starts his order with, "hey, in our *** account, sell me...."; the one who says, "this is ____ from _____.  I want to sell some stuff;" the one who never knows what he wants to do before he calls, and the one who loves giving market orders JUST before the close at 1:15.  I love them all, I really do.  It's all the other BS that goes along with the job that is either going to make me postal or catatonic.  I haven't yet determined which way it's going.

And there are all the office politics.  Picture yourself in a bullpin of 40+ people...  with A LOT of "extreme personalities."  Sometimes, it's not a pretty thing.  Why, I think a sitcom is in this somewhere.  If they have "Outsourced"  they can have "Futures." Seriously.  I'm calling Chuck Lorre.

Whatever.  I will keep the faith and keep on going on.  Because that's what I'm supposed to do.

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