Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Things I've learned

1) Life is boring.  Life is not a movie.  99% of things that happen are not nearly as "deep" as they are portrayed.  Drama in movies = good.  Drama in real life = bad.
2) The man/woman you fall in love with will disappoint you.  He leaves the seat up, she leaves a mess in the bathroom, they snore, and have bad breath in the morning like everyone else.  It can never be one long love scene.  Get over it and love them anyway.
3) If you think everyone is thinking about you, they are not.  People are too wrapped up in their own crap to care what your hair looks like today.
4) Happiness is in the little things.
5) You were put on this earth to be nice to people, be respectful, and treat people the way you want to be treated.  How someone reacts to you being that way is beyond your control and not your problem.
6) Pray.  A lot.
7) The things you think are so important now, won't be in 6 months.
8) Show love and concern where and when you can.  You will never, ever regret that.  And if you do - see #5.
9) Get out of other people's heads.  You don't belong there.  You have no clue of their past experiences, their true beliefs, their wants and needs.  So do not pretend to know "where they are coming from."
10)  Listen.  You learn a lot by doing so.

PS - Never, never, EVER text and drive.


  1. Is this in any sort of order? If so, I think 10 is most important. It took me years of talking to finally have my uncle tell me to shut the hell up and spend time being quiet. Its amazing the things I've learned since then!

  2. No order - very random. But I'm glad someone agrees with at least one of them!

  3. I agree with every single one. And number 9 holds particular meaning in my heart and then the yelling I sometimes do at people, in my head, of course. And then I remember number 6.
    Love you, visit soon.

  4. This post really struck a chord today. Thank you. I needed it!