Thursday, October 21, 2010

Sunset Gap

This plea went out from our church about Sunset Gap - a place in Tennessee that is near and dear to our collective hearts.  Our adults and youth group go there once a year for work trips, and our church supports them financially throughout the year.  Please help, if you can. Check them out -
They have done some AMAZING things for that community.

Today, Chris Ayers received a call from Josh Dunn, the executive director of
Sunset Gap in Cosby Tennessee.  The Sunset Gap board of directors has called
an emergency meeting for this Saturday, October 23, to decide if they can
keep the ministry going.  Because donations have decreased considerably,
they are basically out of money and can no longer meet their expenses.

Sunset Gap continues to be a blessing to many of us at RLC.  Lives have been
changed for adults and students on our many servant trips.  This doesn't
begin to measure the importance of the Gap's ministry to the Cosby area.  We
can't imagine what a loss this would be for them.  

If you would be like to make a donation to Sunset Gap to help keep this
ministry alive, please make a check payable to the Sunset Gap Community

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