Thursday, June 30, 2011


I went to Indiana last weekend to see the fam.  (Vinny is my new favorite extended family pet.) 
Jen and I went out on another photo excursion and we met up with some lovely flowers...

At Purdue's Horticulture Park...

(and Chis?  What the heck is this??)

...then there was the cactus bloom at the cemetery.  I'm not going to deny our weird thing for photographing cemeteries  (next post!) but it's beyond odd when you find a HUGE patch of cactus growing - no - THRIVING in any part of Indiana!  Jen still has the cactus thorny-thingy in her foot to prove it!

...then we went to the park.  Nice flowers there.

Busy bee...

Another busy bee!

Then I went out to the country to see my brother.  He lives across the road from The Homestead - where I grew up. I NEVER remember seeing a hummingbird in the 18+ years I lived there.  But my brother literally gets hundreds to visit his feeders every day.  (I'm depending on Jen and her telephoto lens to capture them in all their glory)  I could only get the slow moving butterflies on the flowers.

OK - out of a hundred photos, this is the best I could get with my limited lens.  It's SO FUN to sit on the porch and literally be buzzed by humming birds!!!

Love our photo excursions.  Can't wait for the next one. 
 Coming!  Spring 2012!  Jen and Joanie's photos of the Williamsport junk yard! 

(Can't do the junk yard now...  too many snakes, too many spiders, too little nerve.)


  1. Awesome photos! is having a photo contest and I think you should enter.

  2. Dang it., not Stupid auto correct.