Monday, June 20, 2011

The typewriter

Hannah has wanted a real typewriter for some time now.  She says she wants to really use one.  I expect her to change her mind once she actually tries to produce a paragraph with one.  Remember correction tape?  White Out?  Making an uncorrectable mistake - at the bottom of an otherwise perfect page?  Carbon copies?  Yes, I'm that old.  They still used punch cards for computers when I was in college, but I'll save that bit of technological reminiscing for another day.

I want a typewriter too.  I want to use the keys to make jewelry.

But we found a really old one at our church garage sale that amazingly enough, still works.  I can't bring myself to rip apart a working antique typewriter!  How old do you think this thing is?

It has a working ribbon and even has the original cover!  Since I can't bring myself to take it apart, I thought I would at least try to take some artsy fartsy photos of it.  So here you go.  And if you ever get a typed note from us (with lots of corrections) you'll know where it came from.

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  1. Don't dismantle that typewriter! It's a work of art!

    Great post :)