Monday, June 6, 2011

Weekends ain't what they used to be

John successfully completed his first few days of work at his new job.  He got a new phone, a new laptop and a new car (complete with On Star, GPS and Sirus Radio!)  and got to go on the field at Busch Stadium.  And he got back Friday night in time for pizza.  Not a bad first 3 days.  He left this morning for his first full week.  It's good to hear him excited about his job for a change.

Hannah is at camp and only has 2 days off the entire month of June - next weekend.  She's been home since the middle of December, so it's really weird to not have her home - and for her to be so busy that I have only talked to her once on the phone.  But it's good.  She needs this.  The one time we've talked, I had to deliver unpleasant news.  I had to take down her "wall of fame" - the wall of photos, magazine clippings, ID cards, sketches, letters, notes and what-have-you.  (Rats.  Didn't think to take a photo before it all came down.)  But everything is in a neat little pile on my desk.  I cleaned her room Saturday morning.  How that girl sleeps in that room with so much dust gathered in the corners is beyond me.

Jim is home.  He got to relax for a week before starting his internship.  Today was his first day and he is already covering his first story tonight - a Bloomington (or is it Normal?  Or both??) transportation meeting.  He said he won't be on the air with this story, but he will be at some point.  It's all very cool.

And me?  Things are the same.  It's like we're playing some strange kind of board game everyone else got to move up a few spaces.  I have Baltic Avenue to sell off, while the rest of the family is moving their race car, top hat and shoe past Go and collecting $200.  Don't get me wrong, I'm VERY happy that the fam is doing so well!  I'm just impatient.

We had an open house this weekend.  Our realtor said it went very well. 4 couples showed up and seemed interested.  We cleaned from 7:30am until we left the house a little after 1:00pm and then had to vacate the premises.  There is always something else to clean, put away, reposition...  It can spin a person off their nut!  So far (a whole 2 weeks) I haven't stressed out too terribly much about the house being on the market.  Poor Jim might tell you differently, since he's the one stuck with getting the pooches out of the house for every showing.  We'll see how long I can hold it together.

All that being said, I turn 50 in a few days, and Hannah is insisting that we have a party to celebrate next Saturday.

Weekends ain't what they used to be.

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  1. 50years is something to celebrate. I can't wait to join you in doing so. Love ya bunches and bunches.