Wednesday, June 30, 2010


A word of warning before anyone begins reading this:  it's nothing but rambling, because I simply can't wrap my head around the level of grief some people have to endure.

A man that works in our office died over the weekend.  He was a boisterous Irishman.  When he walked into a room, everyone knew it.  He exasperated the people that worked for him, but they will miss him all the same.  His customers loved him.  He could tell a story like no other.  He was fun.  He had a huge personality.  I'm sure he crammed more living into 53 years than most centenarians.  After having one drink with him, he was your buddy and he had your back - unless you crossed him.

His youngest child is a senior in high school, and the words "not fair" always come to mind in these situations.  

I got a genuine kick out of him.  I have only worked in the same room with him for a year and a half, and I will miss him.  There is a huge void there now that will fade over a very long time, but it will always be remembered.  His brother works at our office too.  They sat back to back at their desks every day.  In a rare moment sometime over the last year and a half, the brother shared with me just how close he was with his sibling.  So he not only has to grieve the loss of a very close brother relationship, he can't even come to work and busy himself to take his mind off of the tragedy.

I have to go to the visitation tonight, and pay respects to a family I have never met.

My role in this is pretty limited.  I'll say a lot of prayers for them and probably take them some food, because there is nothing else to do.


  1. I am truly sorry for the loss of your friend. Death is never easy for anyone. It does not matter if it was expected or not.
    I believe that God gave you the gift of knowing this peroson,his family and friends. The time given to you knowing him was a blessing I am sure. I believe that God has a plan for everyone of us. It is not for us to question, but it is a time for us to put our faith to work.
    The role you have is not a small roll at all.
    God is asking you to pray for this man, his family, and friends. To pray for this man and his family is one of the most important things God will ask of you, or anyone for that matter.
    I,dear friend will pray for this man and his family. I will pray for you as well. I pray that you feel God's love during this very difficult time. I pray you stay strong and faithful. I pray that God surrounds this man's family and protects them always.
    So remember, your roll in this is not a small one, but a very big one. You are a very special, gifted person, who with the power of prayer, can help many people.

  2. You, my dear friend, are the best.