Monday, July 5, 2010

Best holiday ever

Over the years, Independence Day has become my favorite holiday.  There is so much baggage that goes along with all the other holidays!  Who hasn't griped about all the Thanksgiving/Christmas hoopla?  Who doesn't get worn out buying presents, decorating the house, sending cards, baking...?

When did Thanksgiving just become the day before Black Friday?  When did the birth of Christ turn into Maxing-Out-The-Credit-Card Day?

Sorry.  I won't get on that tangent in the middle of summer. It stresses me out just thinking about it.

Our July 4th was great.  We had told people that if they wanted to come by, great - if not, we would see them another time. (No pressure!!)  We bought food, made salads, cleaned up the bathroom, sorta ran the vacuum - my kind of holiday prep.  Family and friends came over.  We grilled.  We had a few beers and Arnold Palmers - my new favorite.  We walked over to the park to watch the fireworks, walked home and called it a night.  What makes it even better is that I have July 5th off this year.  I think I might give myself a mani-pedi.

So that is my kind of holiday.  And to the first moron from Hallmark that feels the need to sell 4th of July greeting cards - please, PLEASE, PLEASE leave it alone!

P.S. John and I went to Funk's grove for a hike and a picnic on Monday, which made it even better.  Picnics are severely underrated.

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