Thursday, July 8, 2010


Can I tell you how sick I am of hearing about LeBron??!!  Oh. My. Gosh.  Really.  Back the hell up.  Does anyone really get how ridiculous this is??!!


So I'm sitting here with John, Jim and Abbie and we are supposedly on pins and needles, wading through all the BS interviews,  just to hear where he will be signing with for the next few seasons.

Whoever his agent is is a genius.  Marketing at it's abso-freaking-lutely best.

and he just said he's going to Miami.

Bad for the Bulls.  Bad for the NBA as a whole.  I'm not just saying that as a Bulls fan.  It will be very bad for the whole league.

"I can't make an emotional decision"  Are you kidding me?  This game is ALL emotion!!!
Stop talking about yourself in the 3rd person!!!
Please don't say "at the end of the day"  It bugs me.
"To my REAL fans..."  Real fans?  Like, the fans that don't want you to leave Cleveland?  

So, ok.  I can understand that if Michael Jordan, back in the day, would have said 'screw you Chicago, I'm out of here' I would have been very upset.  I get that.  Leron doesn't understand that if he would have stayed in Ohio, he could have brought good players to him.  He could have built his dynasty the way MJ did.  He could have held those fans in the palm of his hand forever.  He could have been a One Team Great.  Am I too old to appreciate the exceptional player that sticks with one team?  A player that has the talent and ability to be able to do that for a whole career?  These days, it takes a hell of a lot of talent to be able to do that.  After all the money you could possibly spend in 10 lifetimes, don't you want your legacy to mean something?  Don't you want to build your collection of championship rings on what you would consider your own terms?

NOT ONE MAN DOES A TEAM MAKE.  And I would say that where ever he went.

Whatever.  At least it's over.

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