Thursday, June 3, 2010

I love kids

I do - I really love 'em. I love them when they are small and cute and their eyes are too big for their heads. But I love them more when they are old enough to be tortured.

"Oh Joanie! You shouldn't say things like that!"

Yeah, whatever.

I mean like our friend, Mark. He took photos of every nook and cranny of his oldest daughter's first apartment and labeled them: Cassy's first kitchen; Cassy's first bananas; Cassy's first future spoiled bananas; Cassy's first fire get the drift. I'm sorry, but that's funny. In the general sense, we absolutely know what is going to happen (ie, Cassy, will be just fine with her future spoiled bananas and most likely will not catch the apartment on fire - and if she does, she will most certainly know how to put it out, thank you Dad.) It's just fun to sit back and watch it unfold. You never know exactly how the cards are going to play out. It's like poker. You ante up, and you have to deal with the cards that are dealt - but sometimes, there is a little surprise that someone else brings to the table.

Good luck Cassy. You're going to be just fine. This photo is for you.


  1. Such a great shot Joanie! Thank you so much for having it. I must be getting more emotional as I get older, I almost cried. We have some beautiful kids don't we?