Sunday, June 6, 2010


I am well aware that I am married to a sports fan. Over the course of 20-almost 6 - years, I've been sucked into the Chicago sports fan vortex.*

There were the glory years of the Bulls and I have to admit, they were great years and they spoiled us rotten. Michael was a god and it was a pleasure to watch. The Bears had that one completely awesome year and we won't talk about the most resent Superbowl loss. And now the Blackhawks are playing for the Stanley Cup.

We have never been hockey fans. Ever. I love basketball and football, and how you can see the plays being executed. Hockey is a bunch of guys slamming into each other, fighting for a little black piece of rubber that at professional speeds could kill a person. And they used to play this game without helmets??!! Anyway, since the Blackhawks are in it for the Cup, we're watching and I have to say, I sort of like it. I can hop on a bandwagon with the best of them.

But what will forever drive me over the edge - Chicago sports and beyond - are the during the game interviews.

It drove me nuts when they started doing it years ago and I still think it's one of the dumbest things sports broadcasters have ever come up with. Everything else is great! Watch any game taped from 10 years ago and you'll be thankful for the graphics and clarity. But I cringe every time some "sportscaster" (and I use the term loosely) asks a coach or player some inane question during a short break in play. I have never heard them say anything noteworthy in one of those interviews. Ever. From what I can tell the only thing it does is give fast talking, good looking people something to do for under 1 minute. Joel Quenneville constantly looks like he wants to punch someone anyway, and I'm thinking that person assigned to ask him questions during the game should get combat pay.

We watched the Belmont stakes yesterday and the number of ridiculous interviews before the race was mind numbing. I am aware of the fact that it is a big event and that it is over in less than 5 minutes. But they had a microphone on the sleeve of the guy riding the horse that escorted the winning horse and jockey back to the winners circle. What do you THINK that jockey is going to say? Do we really need to hear how well the horse ran and how grateful the jockey is 10 seconds after the race? Really - I can wait. Like, forever.

And admit it. Most sports interviews, before, during or after the game don't really provide you any real news anyway - unless the guy goes off the deep end - and then that becomes the story. Every time I hear "Playoffs?!" I will forever think of Jim Mora.

I'm sure broadcasters will continue to dig for answers on the court, ice, field, and track that will never be there. And maybe one of these days I'll be surprised. Maybe Quenneville really will slug someone.

*For the record, we had a lapse in judgement a very long time ago and had Sox season tickets for 2 years. But John finally remembered that he had bled Cubbie blue all of his life and we've been north side fans ever since, for better or worse. But with our buddy Mark (Cassy's dad!), we had a hell of good time going to those games - sitting in the outfield, drinking warm beer and razzing outfielder Ron Kittle. And every time we walked out of the old, cracking and crumbling Comiskey Park we were grateful that it withstood one more game.

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  1. I agree with you. All we hear is blah,blah,blah.
    Just play the game!!!
    Way to go Hawks!!!!!