Saturday, July 30, 2011

Wall o' wine, part deux

First things first.  We sold the house.  We signed the contract Friday morning, and the closing is tentatively set for August 25.  That's less than a month away.  So I'm no longer freaking out about selling the house.  I'm freaking out about packing Hannah up and moving her into the dorm, packing Jim up and getting him to school 5 hours away, and packing up the rest of the house in 26 days.

Freaking out!!!

But that hasn't stopped me from doing nothing all day today.  That's a lie.  I slept in, looked at houses on line, went out to breakfast at Uncle Tom's Pancake House with John and Jim, and now I'm blogging to you fine people while listening to the guys laugh at a ridiculously bad Nicholas Cage movie in the next room.  Later today, Diane and I are getting pedicures and we're grilling steaks on the grill to celebrate everyone being in the same state for once.  Let's call this the calm before the approaching storm.

And let's talk about my wall o' wine idea.  Again, here is the "sketch" (and I do use that term loosely) of my idea..

After being relentlessly mocked at work for my drawing abilities, I decided to do something different.  

Ta-da!  This is another thing I did this morning!  Maybe this is a better representation of what I want my wall to look like.  

Now I have to stop wasting time.  The official packing needs to begin...   now.


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