Sunday, April 24, 2011

"We want to cook dinner"

On the phone--
Me:  "Who?"
Hannah:  "Me and Chelsea"
Me:  "Where?"
Hannah:  "Our house"
Me:  "For who?"
Hannah:  "For all of us!"
Me:  "All of us...  you mean me and Dad too?"
Hannah: "Yes!"

Oh boy.

Later, after the girls took the last $20 out of John's wallet and left for Schnucks--
Me:  "What are you going to make?"
Hannah:  "Some kind of pasta with meat."

Then we proceed to go over what we have in the house and what they need to purchase.

My confidence level in the two of them pulling this off was relatively low.  Nothing against their collective abilities, it's just that neither one of them have had much cooking experience. So this was a good thing. Right?

We had shrimp in the freezer, so they decided to make shrimp with pasta and vodka sauce.  I told them to get a couple peppers and whatever other veggie they wanted to throw in the sauce.  Chelsea wanted to roast asparagus and make a greek salad.  And for dessert - Nutella crepes.

That's right.  I said crepes, with Nutella filling.

Here we go...

John showing Chelsea how to cut an onion...

Just in case...

I helped with the garlic.

And looked SUPER happy about it!

John and Lilly supported the effort from the livingroom...

 Shrimp pasta in progress.

Preparing Greek salad.  Hannah does not look pleased about something.

I have to say, dinner was pretty darn good.  The pasta was great, and even though the asparagus was over-roasted (my fault) it was very good too.

Let the Nutella crepe war begin!

I'm still not sure who came up with the idea of making crepes.  I've never made a crepe in my life, so I told the girls they were on their own for this part of the meal.  And who thought of Nutella filling??!!  Once again the girls surprised me.  They were awesome.

The only downside of the entire evening was the clean up, which was left to me and John.  And believe me - there was A LOT to clean up.  No photos taken of that - too depressing!!

Thanks girls!  What are you making for us next weekend??


  1. Wow. That's all I have to say about that! :-)

  2. You had me at shrimp, but Nutella crepes?! Oh yum!! Those sound amazing.