Tuesday, April 26, 2011


We've had some doggie friends stop by lately, so I thought I'd post some of my favorite puppy pics.
Here is Kathy and Ming.  And Caz saying,"Hey!  How YOU doin?"

Lilly being jealous.

 Kathy and Ming.  Awe!

I had to post a photo of John with his book ends.

 How sad looking is THIS!?

And Melo came over to play one morning.  He belongs to a friend of mine that I haven't seen for a while.  It was nice to see her and meet her new pooch.  He's a beautiful blue-gray pit bull with piercing blue eyes - and ALL puppy.  

Caz was slightly hospitable.  Lilly, not so much.

So now I feel compelled to post just a few of my favorite Caz and Lilly photos.
John and Caz when she was just a baby.

Oh Caz.  Modest, you are not.

Caz trying to figure out just what new puppy Lilly is all about, and why she won't go away.

Awwwwe!  Baby Lilly!

 This is still the view I have every time I even think about cooking anything.

My newest favorite Lilly photo.  She knows how to play a camera.

I had to finish up with a couple photos from Hannah's graduation party last summer.  Both of the dogs got lots of lovin from some great people that day.

Gotta love dogs.

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