Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Long time, no see

I guess I've been too busy to blog.  Who knew?

Let's see what's happened since last time...

John and I went to San Antonio for a few days.  Let me say that if you like to eat and drink the way we like to eat and drink, the River Walk in San Antonio is the place for you - only if you don't lose your balance.  No railings.

Gorgeous, isn't it?  The food is wonderful, although John and I agreed that they need a tapas restaurant somewhere along the strip.  And I had the best margarita I've ever had in my whole life at Rita's.

I'm not kidding.  It was potent, but not too sweet and not too sour.  Perfect.  I think that is my quest this summer - to remake the perfect margarita.  Because how many times have you had one that is all sweet and sour with salt on the brim?  No, we deserve better!  One summer, the quest to perfect mojito; another, the quest for the perfect sangria; this summer - the perfect margarita!


My wonderful husband had a sales call to make one morning while we were there, so he reserved a spa massage and skin treatment for me.  Oh. My. Gosh.  I've never had a real massage before, so this was a whole new experience for me.  It was incredible.  The masseuse was so nice and personable.  The spa was relaxing and lovely.  As I walked out of the spa, I was unsure if I was even walking a straight line.  I felt sort of drunk, but in a really "Zen" kind of way.  


I asked John what we were going to do the second day of our trip and he looked at me in disbelief.  "You don't remember?"    Um, no.  

I forgot the Alamo.  

The Alamo is somewhat of a disappointment.  You expect everything in American history to be BIG.  That's who we are, right?  The Alamo?  Not so much.  

This was a fun fact we found while wondering through the compound:

Detail, Alamo church. Photograph by W. Eugene GeorgeAlarmed by the growth in numbers of colonists from the United States, the Mexican government seeks to slow immigration into Texas from the north, while introducing more new residents from Mexico and Europe. On April 6, a law passed by the Mexican Congress prohibits settlement in Texas by immigrants from the United States, and cancels all colonization contracts. Although repealed in 1833, this article remains a sore point with the growing immigrant population.

Does anyone else see the irony in this?


This is the flower John got for me, just because.  He's a keeper.

Anyway, we left San Antonio and drove to Austin.

We reconnected with some family members at a wedding last summer, and went to the wedding of John's cousin's daughter and Goddaughter outside of Austin, at Salt Lick.  It was an awesome wedding - like something that you see in movies.

It was literally by a creek, in the middle of nowhere, in the middle of Texas.  This is the structure that a friend of the groom made for the ceremony.  It looked much better in person.

So Angela and Ricardo got married.  There were guys playing instruments by a creek.  Is it bad that I kept thinking about the guys singing during "What About Mary"?

The table arrangements ROCKED.

Angela and Ricardo.  So sweet.

And may I add that the groom's father is in a music hall of fame for his Conjunto accordion music?  He played at the reception.  He rocked.

It was really nice to see John's cousins.

Leaving Austin, I found my destiny!!!

Obviously, I will be moving to Texas to make my fortune.  Glad to know you all, but now that I will be making mega-bucks, I will not remember the "little people" from my past.  

Or not.

It was an awesome trip and an awesome wedding.  Here's to spring, weddings, and new beginnings all around.

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