Sunday, April 10, 2011

I love cooking!!

One of my favorite things in the world to do:  Have nothing to do on a Saturday night and try making a new recipe with John.  A couple weekends ago, we tried paella.  It was lovely.

Always accompanied by a nice bottle of red...

John is a really good cook, and a master griller.

So, today is Sunday.  Not that we can't do something new on a Sunday evening, but after getting together with friends for our bi-monthly dinner club gathering last night (lots of good Polish food, lots of vodka) we're feeling pretty lazy today.  And it's April.  And it's freaking gorgeous outside.  That only means one thing...


Salmon marinated in a maple bourbon glaze. Asparagus on the grill, with Tuscan herb olive oil and some extra spices.  Uncle Ben rice garden vegetable rice, microwaved in 90 seconds!  The best part was eating outside, then listening to Jim's KWAR news show on the internet.  Oh, and that lovely bottle of wine.

The clouds rolled in around 7:30, so we retreated to the living room - only after I took a few more photos.  What a lovely weekend.

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  1. You really make me wish I were your neighbor. Mmmm.....salmon...>>>drool<<<