Saturday, August 20, 2011

It's getting random in here

Random thoughts at 6:30 on a Saturday morning.

Went to happy hour last night with work buds, to celebrate me, Lily and Megan leaving work.  We sat outside, the weather was perfect, the beer was cold and the company was awesome.  Except for one or two people, everyone I care about from work was there - and the irksome people stayed away! How lovely is that??!

Moved Hannah into her dorm room on Thursday.  Even though I got after her big time for not being prepared as much as she should have been, I felt much better leaving her there than I did leaving her at Millikin this time last year.
Last year...

This year.

I have countless bruises all over from packing and moving.  Someone gives me a stern look and I bruise so this isn't surprising, but it's embarrassing.  I have a welt on my forehead after building two lofts (see right and left in the above photo) but so far it's not that lovely black/blue/gray/yellow color that seems to linger with me for a couple weeks.  My bruises look like different types of clouds - I have a stratus or two, a few cirrus, a couple cirrocumulus (those were from carrying the loft for 2 blocks) and a couple major cumulonimbus.  Between those and the bug bites from going outside with the dogs, my skin has taken a real hit this summer...  so to speak.

Maybe I have Hemophilia.  I should look into that.

And I'm sore.  Really, really sore.

I'm SO sick of packing and moving stuff.  It's worse for John.  After moving 75% of our stuff onto a trailer from work and thinking we could leave it there until we move into the new house, they actually needed the trailer.  So he and some other guys moved it onto another trailer.  And then they needed that trailer.  So they moved it into the warehouse.  Yes, we saved a lot of money this way, but this is just getting stupid.  And I worked for hours upstairs yesterday, and it looks like I didn't do anything.  1 week from today this will all be over.  Then I will sit in our house in Missouri, miss the kids, and be sorry that I was so psycho their last summer at home.

Today is National Radio Day.  Give NPR a listen.

After everything is packed, staged and ready to go on a truck on Wednesday, I am going to take the camera and explore Bloomington/Normal.  There is a building that collapsed earlier this summer and it's just screaming to be photographed.  That's assuming I make it to Wednesday.

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