Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Youth is wasted on the young

This saying means more to me every single day.  If you remember the movie "Peggy Sue Got Married" A) you're old and B) you get it and C) the outcome probably wouldn't be that different given any choices.  Peggy Sue got pregnant and had to marry her high school sweetheart.  But traveling back from the future, she knew what she was getting into, knew that pantyhose were on the horizon and fashioned some of her own, and still opted for the path that she had originally taken. BUT - there was a daughter involved.  IF she had not made what more than some would consider bad choices in her high school life, she would not have the awesome daughter that she did.  Well who wouldn't opt for being "bad" in that case?

But I'm talking about my life.

I did not get pregnant in college, thank you very much.  Nothing against anyone who did.

It's just that things are SO incredibly different looking back.  That guy I briefly dated in high school wasn't an asshole - he was incredibly shy.  The guy I dated for a long time - I didn't really know.  That guy that was SO sweet to me every day?  I'm sorry - you were more like my brother than my prom date - I couldn't get past that.  People don't all grow up in a farm house, on a dead end gravel road with the ideal parents.  There are black people?  Where?  Not in Warren County!  (Not that it was ever an issue, I just felt the need to throw it in there.)

I think about what my kids have experienced in high school and so far in college.  It is different than what I can relate to, and I respect that.  But so often, I want them to see things through my eyes, with my experience, with my knowledge.

They will know what I'm talking about someday.

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