Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The prayer around my neck

I have a necklace that has a charm on it that is a prayer “box.” Mine is cylinder shaped like this one, but the idea is the same.

You put a prayer in it and it is supposed to remind you to talk to The Big Guy every now and then. I’ve had my prayer charm for about 10 years. I think I got it when the kids were in grade school, and I haven’t opened it to actually look at the prayer in about as many years. There was a prayer that came with the charm, written on a little slip of paper, but it reads a little broad and generic. So I wrote my own on the back. It’s probably generic as well, but at least it’s my own.

“Dear Lord, merciful Father – grant me and my family the gift of discernment and give us the strength and courage to go where you lead us. Help us to see and hear you more clearly each day. Open our hearts to your will, and free us from the burden of worry. In Jesus’ name, Amen.”

I thought about this all day, and in some way, it pretty much covers everything - at least for me.  Everything that happens to us "leads" us to or away from somewhere, something or someone.  And that worry thing.  That's a biggie for us moms.  Hard to get free of something we have practically perfected.

But I will try to remember and take to heart the prayer that I occasionally where next to mine. 

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