Wednesday, September 15, 2010


I got a mani-pedi last night.

Neiva, one of the cooks, has a couple friends who does nails.  When Kate, our dentist, was here last March, they came to the clinic with three colors of polish.  She brought some more tools and colors for them this time.   A few of us supported the cause and sat outside on the porch, listened to it rain, sipped our Prestige, and got very pampered.  And then we had lobster for dinner, cooked in an open fire.

Mission trips should not be this fun.
John and his crowd control crew

Emil, cooking lobster


  1. You are getting about as bad as John. Next thing will be doing Bob Hoy imitations

  2. Hi Joanie! We've really enjoyed reading your blogs. What a touching and sad story about the boy with the broken leg. We pray he gets relief! Sounds like your having a great experience and we can't wait to see you and John homeagain soon. Safe travels home!!!

  3. Yes, they should! Glad you're loving Haiti - some parts of your blog make me remember Guatemala with Marty and the crew this spring.
    Anxious to see you all in a few days -
    God bless you from head to toe, Kathy