Monday, September 13, 2010


We had a really nice weekend.  Clinic was open for half the day on Saturday, and that afternoon we were taken to a beautiful beach, had lobster and a band played for us.  Then yesterday after a short worship service, most of us went for a drive around Jacmel.  I've been told that a lot of the rubble has been cleaned up from the earthquake, but many businesses are closed and it is a very depressed area.  We also went outside the city and drove past a "tent city."  I'm sure what is supposed to be temporary housing for these people will be permanent.  After that, we went to the hotel nearby and had rum punches and a wonderful dinner.  The yo-yo feelings after seeing the worst poverty and then enjoying a meal fit for a king - I can't begin to describe.

As far as we know, the boy I last wrote about did not go to the hospital.  His mother was told to wait for the doctors returning from the hospital in Jacmel (FOTOCH rents operating rooms at the hospital during clinics).  The rest of the doctors finished for the day and we closed up shop.  We checked our sources and heard that an orthopedic doctor was in town for the weekend.  But when we went to check on the boy, he and his mother were gone.  We were at least hoping to see him again today to reevaluate him and give him more meds.  I've seen a lot of pain, suffering and poverty over the last few days - but this one really gets to me.

at the beach

Dick and Barb Hammond - FOTCOH founders
One of the tent cities

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  1. Say hello to all my Haitian friends, Dick & Barb, & the team. Keep up the great work. Enjoying your blog and the pnn site.
    Ed Monroe