Friday, September 3, 2010

Here we go...

We're off to Haiti.

We're flying to Miami Sunday morning, Port-au-Prince Monday morning and then taking a small plane over the mountains to Jacmel.  The only reason I'm not REALLY nervous is because John has done this so many times and he has all the little things covered (like finding the money belt and passport holders, going to the bank and getting a huge wad of singles and fives to give out and getting little keychain flashlights so we can find our way to the bathroom at night...).  I still haven't packed and am worried about finding the charger for my camera.

For the record, we will have someone staying here and 2-3 other people coming in at various times to tend to the dogs.  If you are of the burglar persuasion and like to break into homes while the residents are out of town, stay away or be prepared to meet a few new friends, a couple nosey and retired neighbors who have nothing better to do than to watch our house, and 2 very vicious pugs.  I mean it.  They will rip your arm off.  The pugs - not the neighbors.  Well ok, maybe the neighbors too.

Feel free to follow along...

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