Tuesday, May 25, 2010


My kid went to Six Flags today with some friends. She informed me of this little jaunt at 9:00 last night. After she left at 6:45 this morning it occurred to me that I didn't even know which Six Flags she was going to! We live an equal distance between two of them!! Even though I told her to "check in with me" during the day, she apparently left her phone in the car and didn't call or text. We were slow at work today, so all I had to do was sit around and worry. 99% of me knew she was fine and having a great time; but that 1% that can really nag at a mother. I transfered $50 to her debit card this morning before she left and I even checked on line to see if she had used it - just to get any confirmation that she made it to one of the two parks in one piece. Psycho? You bet. I'm a mom. Can't help it.

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