Thursday, May 20, 2010

The nest

So like I said, we're going to be empty nesters soon. Unlike many folks taveling through this period in their lives, I think we'll be ok with it. Don't get me wrong - we love our kids and will miss them terribly - but it feels pretty darn good that with our myriad of flaws, we managed to produce two nice, intelligent, faithful people. Our goal, and I think this is what some parents forget, is to kick them out of the nest and be elated at their ability to fly. It helps that John and I sort of like spending time alone together too. And then there are the dogs.

My kids have amazed me all their lives. How they grow, learn to walk and talk is nothing short of a miracle. But to watch their personalities develop and genuinly enjoy their company as adults is a wonderful thing. I hope to enjoy that for a lot of years to come. And it's going to be fun to watch how far they can fly and where they land.

So Jim is applying for internships and jobs in Iowa, 4 hours away from home. I hope and pray he gets one, while wanting him back home for the summer at the same time. Hannah will be a camp councelor and will be away from home most of the summer before heading off to her freshman year of college. This may be our summer 'trial run' empty nest. Kids will leave. Dogs are in it for the long haul.

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