Friday, May 28, 2010

Oh Friday! How I love you so

Is this normal? I doubt it - even for our household.

The beloved van died and horrible transmission death in Iowa, so John finished up a very long work week by making his way over and picking Jim up from college. After getting my hair cut (please see next paragraph) I saw Jim for a total of 10 minutes and he was off to see friends. Understandable. His school is on semesters, but has May term, so he finishes much later than everyone else. All of his friends are home and ready to "summer."

I got my hair cut after work and opted for a new style - going shorter again. I walked in the house, Hannah saw it, and announced that I looked like Kate Gosslin. SHOOT - ME - NOW. The woman makes my skin crawl and THAT is who I now look like???!!! You might as well tell me I'm related to Rush Limbaugh (which is, by the way a reason to disinherit anyone).

Hannah is aware of the fact that I have banned her and Kyle from the basement. It's not what you think. They are banned because I firmly believe that 'people like Hannah' (and I use the term in the most nice and loving way) don't communicate effectively. They spew stuff all day long on facebook, twitter, tumbler and any other outlet you can imagine - but that's just broadcasting. They don't TALK. So, I banned them from the basement and from in front of any screen so they could actually - talk. So far, my ban is unsuccessful. Hannah has a way of weaseling her way into what she wants. Hannah and Kyle are currently in the basement, and I'm sure they are firmly planted in front of the TV screen. So much for my "ban." TALK TO EACH OTHER!!! YOU MIGHT FIND OUT SOMETHING AWESOME ABOUT ONE ANOTHER!!!

And John. He was out of town for the series finale of "24," so at this very moment, I am

1) sitting in the kitchen
2)listening to the series finale of "24" and may I say it is VERY intense
3)reminded of the fact that Hannah doesn't give a crap about what I have to say about anything
4)Jim is here, but not
5)and the dogs are still driving my crazy.


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