Saturday, January 28, 2012

Goodbye, Kodak - Part II

I'm still fishing through Mom and Dad's scrapbook.  It has photos from when they got married through the early 50's (and thus, no photos of me or Denny - I haven't stumbled onto those just yet).

So here are a few more of my favorites...

Dad and his friend Leroy, fishing in Minnesota

My brother John (left) chilling out with his buddy, Kenny

My brother was quite the baker

I love what Mom wrote under this photo - "Daddy and his prize possessions, including new Chevy"

This photo didn't scan very well, but I like it because my brother and sister are so darn cute, and Mom looks so pretty.

This kills me.  Kids can sleep any way, anywhere

I guess it's a tradition for girls in our family to run around half naked, but thankfully only while under the age of 6.

I love this photo because of the look on my sister's face.  I think that is a tradition with girls in my family too, that goes well beyond the age of 6.

Isn't this a great photo?  They were so darn cute!!

Thanks Kodak.  Like the Paul Anka song in the commercial - the times of our lives.

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  1. These old photos are great! Who knew the little guy on the right in the washtub would grow up and build my house?