Thursday, September 8, 2011

Oil and Vinegar


Hannah and Marina (our other daughter) came down for Labor Day weekend.  We went shopping on Sunday and HALLELUJAH, found an olive oil and vinegar store!  Finding this and the spice store down the street was like finding a treasure chest full of gold.

Or good food.


Anyway,  I love cooking, and Central Illinois has nothing like these places.

As we climbed the stairs to the store, we saw this written on a chalkboard outside the door:

Help wanted, full or part time
Insultingly low pay
Jerky boss
Inconvenient hours
Apply within!

Sarcasm right off the bat.  This sounds like my kind of place!!  Well, I'm assuming it's sarcasm.  Probably not about the pay.

Hannah declared that she is tired of listening to me gripe about my past jobs, marched me up to the counter and told them to hire me.  I chatted with the ladies behind the counter (who seemed lovely and spoke very highly of the owner) and they gave me an application.  They are looking for someone for Tuesdays and Wednesdays and if I am a "foody" I would love it.

To get this before getting a "real" job would be just off-the-charts fun.

So I interviewed today for the job.  The owner seems extremely nice and outgoing.  It seems like a beautiful fit for me.  The downside is that when he asked me if was interested in full time, I automatically said yes - without thinking of weekends.  During the interview, the owner had to tend to a customer.  I got drawn into their conversation and by the time she purchased her oil and vinegar, we had exchanged phone numbers because we where both central Illinois transplants, and promised to do coffee soon.  Weird interview, but it was really cool and the owner was impressed.

So I am supposed to go in Saturday and "work" the store to see if I really like it and if they really like me.  It's exciting, only because this could be really fun.

I'll keep you posted.

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  1. Wow it sounds jut like your kind of a place to work. I hope you like it. Gook luck.