Sunday, September 11, 2011

New personal record

I quit.

After working all day Saturday - for 9 hours and 20 minutes, without a break and without even sitting down - I called the owner of the store today and quit.  Why muddy the waters with discussing part time with the holiday season right around the corner?  Part time during December = full time.  And full or part time in retail = working weekends.  I knew weekends would be an issue going in, but with full time, I thought he would at least give me some weekends off.  Uh, no.  And any time off is hashed out among co-workers.  Easy task?  I'm thinking... no.

I must have been blinded by hope that this would be a really fun thing to do.  I would get to talk to other "foodies" and possibly make a friend or two in the regulars.  People are always so friendly and happy in those stores!  Perhaps I'm misreading them and the smiles are really grimaces from the pain of being on their feet all day.

I'm sure working with no one but the owner all day didn't help.  I heard his "script" for customers over a hundred times.  He made the same little joke to every customer after he completed a sale.  It was great for the customers and it was good to see how passionate he is about his store - but it wore me down.

Late in the afternoon, we started talking about religion.  Even though we are both Christians, we didn't agree on much.  Maybe it was at that point that I knew this really wasn't going to work, because I got some insight into his value of women.  I'll save that topic for another time...

When I got home at almost 8:00, John had a martini and dinner waiting for me.  After I told him what I would make an hour and what my back and feet were going to endure on that hard, tile floor, he simply said, "You're done."  Have I told you lately that I love you, Honey?

So, my quest for a job continues.  Next job, I hope I make it to a full week.

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  1. I'm glad you quit. I'll pay you a salary to write blogs and keep me entertained. I hope you don't mind being paid in change.