Monday, November 5, 2012

Doing it the French way

My niece reminds me that I have a blog and that I should post something every now and then.  Truth be told, without the daily drama of having the kids around, John and I can be pretty boring.  And since the pugs sleep 22 1/2 hours a day, they don't provide much to write about either.

This coming weekend will be exciting - at least for us.  It's Dinner Club weekend and we are hosting.  With everyone driving 3 hours to get to us, that means a sleepover.  With nobody having to drive home that night, things might usually will get out of hand.

We decided to go with French food this time around.  I'm not typically a fan, but for dinner club, why not try some new things?  As I was searching for recipes, I discovered that quite a few clubs like ours have blogs of their own where they post the recipes.

Because I can't seem to find the time to write one blog, two might be out of the question.  I'll have to put it to a vote this weekend.  In the mean time, this is our menu for this weekend.  Make your own meal and we can skype you in.  The more the merrier!

Hors d'oeuvers  -
Various cheeses
French Onion Marmalade - Confit D'Oignon
Chicken Liver Pate with Pistashios

Soup -
Cream of Artichoke Soup - Creme D'Artichauts

Salad -
Zucchini-Tomato Verrines

Main Course -
Cheese Souffle
Beef Bourguignon - Beef Burgundy

VanillaCrème Brulee

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  1. French food is mostly eggs and butter. What's not to love? Please do a follow post up so I can eat vicariously through it.