Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Caz and Lilly

"Cazzie!  What's wrong?  You seem depressed."

"Really, Home Dog.  Why you layin all up in the pantry?"

"Lilly.  What's wrong with Caz?"

"Dude.  Stop mooning her.  That's not going to make her feel any better."

"Food is not the answer to all of life's problems, you know."

"Oh I see.  You just want to be in John's lap."

"I mean, you want to fall asleep in John's lap."

"Someone may be a little jealous..."

"Good times, good times..."

"Lilly!  What's wrong?  You seem depressed."


  1. Oh my God. I can't wait to get there!!!!!!! This is my FAVE post EVER!!!

  2. Those dogs kill me! Great post!