Tuesday, December 13, 2011


It's impossible to stroll down memory lane today.  Here's why-

No. 1 -
We just returned from Costa Rica.  What a beautiful country!  I think we've found where we want to retire!  The best part?  It was free.  We only put out for souvenirs and for someone to stay at our house and watch our dogs.
John used to be a rep for Kumho Tires, and that's who funded our little trip.  Because the Kumho sales people were required to go and schmooze customers, John would have gotten to go - not me.  But because he is now a customer and buys Kumho tires for his new company, I got to tag along.  Picture me smiling!  And because the tire industry is like every other, the faces stay the same and only the business cards change.  I've been on quite a few of these trips and met a lot of the sales people, regardless of where they worked and their spouses.  I got to see some old friends and make some new ones.  We ate a lot of good food, drank a lot of good drinks, and took a boat trip down the Rio Tempisque in the Palo Verde National Park.
And we got more freebies!  A bag of coffee, a bag of gourmet chocolate, a wooden bowl that came with flowers in it (sadly, the flowers had to stay behind), shirts, hats, backpacks and - get this - a Kindle Fire, with a $30 gift card to download books right away.  Score!  So I can't possibly think about my past today.  I'm too busy playing with my new toy and tending to various sunburned and bug bitten body parts.

No. 2 -
My ex-boss is testifying to the US Senate Agriculture Committee about the MF Global bankruptcy debacle.  How can I think of anything else when the guy I used to sit 3 feet away from is on C-SPAN??

So I leave you with these photos.  Happy December.

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