Sunday, October 30, 2011

Artsy Fartsy

I need to take another break from my trip down Hoosier memory lane to post a few artsy fartsy photos.

My niece and her family were here this weekend and we all went to the City Museum in St. Louis.  They call it a museum. Psssh.  That, my friends, was no ordinary museum.  Or really, a museum for that matter.  It is the inside of a man's mind that does not think the way I do, and I'm eternally grateful.  Bob Cassilly was the founder and a pure genius.

It's like what every 7 year old wants. Tunnels, cages, slides, vaults, mirrors, turtles, caves, suspended jets and buses, giant praying mantises, ferris wheels, food and more slides.

And believe me, there is a 7 year old in all of us.

Here are my more artsy fartsy photos of our day there.  I've posted more on Facebook.  But these are the photos I played with and like just "because."  Hope you enjoy them like I do.

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