Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Me Jane...

Guess what I've discovered?  Free books on the internet!  Everything from Jane Austin to Charlotte Bonte to Mark Twain to Charles Dickens.  You can even read them...  ON YOUR PHONE!   Why do I think that is just SO cool?!!  Is it because I love quality free stuff THAT much?  Yeah, probably.  

So I checked out Jane Eyre last night, only because a new movie version is about to be released.  I saw the preview when we saw The King's Speech and thought, "that doesn't look like the other Jane Eyre movie I've seen.  They are probably screwing with it somehow."  It looked sinister and much darker than the movie I had seen years ago.  So I picked up my laptop and started reading.

I am 4 chapters in, and I have to say I'm hooked.  I guess classic writers are classic for a reason.  

So who's in?!  Who wants to be in my on-line-classic-novel-book-type-club?! 


  1. I'm in, but only if you throw in an occasional beach trash novel. I can only handle so much class and sophistication in my life.

  2. Im wih j. Is that the free ones through amazon-kindle type thing? I found it a while ago but can't seem to make it work.