Monday, August 9, 2010


John and I are going to Haiti in a month.

Hard to believe, but that is the reason I decided to spew all this stuff on a blog to begin with.  Blogging is the easiest way to communicate with folks back in the States when in Haiti.  Go figure.

We are going to get Hannah set up at school, arrange for the dogs to be tended to, bid Jim farewell (he doesn't leave for school until around the time we leave) and we're off.  I've gotten all my shots and been primed with thousands of photos and stories from John and others who have gone before me.  I admit, it is still - what's the word?  Unsettling?  No matter how everyone has spun it, it is still a foreign country, teetering on a sort of unknown balance, that could go over the edge at any time.  Once we pass through Port au Prince, I will feel better - until we have to pass through it again to go home.

But to be honest, I'm more worried about being the best I can be while I'm there.  I'm far from being medically trained and I don't speak anything remotely close to Creole.  But I can smile, pray for the babies that I hold and give away the donated Beanie Babies to wanting and deserving kids.  I hope I can be more than that, but if that alone touches someone, then that will have to be enough.

Like everything else, I will leave it in God's hands, and try not to take it back.

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